As we all know, coronavirus has affected every human being and every profession. The real estate market was almost closed in March, then we saw a positive change after April.

Business closing, people sheltering in place, and oil prices dropping have hit Texas hard. However, now things are getting a little better, and home sales are picking up the pace. Buyers are waking up and running to buy homes, but they have a problem:

It’s not that they can’t bear to purchase a house, it’s there are no homes accessible to purchase!

According to Miguel Herrera Luxury Lifestyle, there has been a clear negative difference in the inventory of homes since April. The number of buyers has been rising sharply, which is why house prices have soared. Prices for homes valued under a million dlls have risen sharply.

Ray Suarez, a top real estate professional of Housing Market in San Antonio.

He has recorded that 41% of homes sold had numerous offer circumstances in a month completion May 10 contrasted with only  9% in January, before the lockdown of the economy.

Ray Suarez, a luxury real estate agent San Antonio, says home purchases have rebound since April. Despite the fact that home supplies have fallen forcefully due to coronavirus. Prices have kept up. There are bunches of individuals scanning for a spot to call home. Particularly those searching for a spot that can be utilized for both self-teach and office also have a pool.

Home sellers are in a situation where they are uncertain of the market and the economy. They want to wait before deciding to sell. Sellers are very worried about the future. Moreover, some people are so scared that they don’t want people to visit their homes.

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The week that ended on May 9. We have seen new listings, with just a 29% decline, which is much lower than the previous weeks. However, the pace of business is still very slow matched to last year. According to Ray Suarez, one of the best realtors in San Antonio, the number of new listings are much smaller than years before.

Regionally, the Housing Market in San Antonio has seen a high share of bidding wars.

With over 40% of offers written by Miguel Herrera Luxury Lifestyle’s agents on behalf of their customers. It is facing fierce competition in the form of various offers.

Buyers are worried that they have been confined to their current home and wonder whether that place is good for their office and business. Whether that place is enough for them, and whether the place will work for them or not when they decide it is not the right place. They immediately pick up their phone and call Ray Suarez luxury realtor San Antonio to be their agent and talk about their queries and concerns.

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